The Event

Computer Vision - Dallas presents Computer Visionaries 2014, a Kinect Hack-a-thon sponsored by Microsoft.
Friday, July 18 @ 5:00PM through Saturday, July 19 @11:00PM; Location: The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (the DEC) in the historic west end district of downtown Dallas.

  • Our sponsors have agreed to allow 25 more tickets. This is too big of an opportunity for everyone in our area.
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  • SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone for spreading the word!
  • Attention Developers! Microsoft will be flying their Kinect For Windows Engineering team from Redmond to Dallas for this event! Developers: You will be able to learn from and code with the team that built the K4W platform!
  • No Kinect Needed to participate (but if you have one, bring it!)
  • Near-Field Sensors? - We now have access to new experimental firmware.
  •

Don't have a Kinect? No problem! Kinects will be provided. Do you have a burning desire to shape the future of computing? Are you into bleeding edge technologies? Will you dedicate two days to build world changing technology, here in Dallas? If the answer is yes... you or your team could win up to $1,500 in cash and prizes including Kinect v2 Sensors!

Tickets are $10 and include meals provided by Microsoft. Tickets are limited. Purchase a ticket here!

This event is not just open to developers. Dreamers, marketing mangers, brand managers, gamers, health care workers, developers, hackers, designers, entrepreneurs, roboticists, engineers, and anyone else interested in shaping the future of computing are invited to Computer Visionaries 2014. The new Kinect for Windows v2 has all new technology and an advanced SDK so you can build amazing projects that use gesture, body tracking, voice, and more to build gaming, health care, clothing, retail, usability software and other countless other applications. Click Here for More Kinect v2 Specifications and capabilities.


Competitors will be given the opportunity to present a business problem to all attending. Everyone who has an idea will be given 30 seconds to pitch to the audience. After presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to join any presenter and create a group or may choose to work on their own. Each group will have five minutes to present their solution to a panel of judges on Saturday night. First place wins: $500 in cash and up to five5 Kinect v2 sensors (one per team member). Additional prizes will be awarded to the top presenting teams, to each team presenting, and to each attendee. All registered attendees will be given Kinect v2 sample projects, source code and a thank you gift!


  1. A laptop/tablet/computer (Note: Only developers coding the Kienct apps are required to ahve Visual Studio and Windows 8 or 8.1 installed.)
  2. Your Kinect v2 sensor (optional)
  3. A problem in need of a Kinect based solution (optional)



  • Code with the Microsoft team? YES! Microsoft will be flying thier Kinect For Windows Engineering team from Redmond to Dallas for thie event! Developers: You will be able to learn from and code with the team that built the K4W platform!
  • Don't have a sensor? No Kinect Needed to participate (but if you have one, bring it!)
  • Near-Field Sensors? - As you may know, the Kinect v2 sensor natively provides depth data from a distance of 50cm out to 4.5m. We have experimental firmware (what better place than a hackathon to experiment?) that turns the sensor into a near-field device that can be used from about 1cm - 1m. We will have these near-field sensors on hand so that people can experiment and see what types of new scenarios might open up.



Ben Lower Gabriella Draney Dan Ferguson Caleb Jenkins Announcement soon
Ben Lower | Microsoft Kinect Community Manager

Ben Lower works to enable the broad community of developers and creative coders to create experiences using Kinect technology. This includes working to provide the right tools, samples, and support. He loves helping people to realize their visions and to bring them to life.
Gabriella Draney | Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Tech Wildcatters  @gabdraney

Gabriella Draney in 2009 co-founded Tech Wildcatters, a start-up seed accelerator that offers a 12-week boot camp to tech entrepreneurs. Forbes recently named Tech Wildcatters one of the top accelerators in the country.
Dan Ferguson | Creative Director, ReelFX

Dan Ferguson is an early adopter of new technologies and is an Oculus Rift virtual reality subject matter expert. Dan leads the Interactive Digital initiatives at Reel FX, an animation studio with over 350 people in Deep Ellum. Reel FX is currently working on their second feature length animated movie – "The Book of Life" staring Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum and produced by Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez.
Caleb Jenkins | International speaker, Author, Consultant

Caleb Jenkins is an international speaker, author and 6 time Microsoft MVP award recipient. A 17 year software veteran and leader that approaches software from a fresh perspective spanning UX, Agile and enterprise experience from around the globe. He is currently a consultant for Slalom, a Microsoft Gold partner.
Final Judge to be announced at the event.


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This is a competition. Starting on Friday, July 18th, attendees will be given the opportunity to present a business problem to all attending. Everyone who has an idea has 30 seconds to pitch their idea to the audience. After presentations, attendees will be able to join any presenter's group or work on their own. Coding through the night is an available option. Each group will have five5 minutes to present their solution (finished or not) starting at 7:00 PM Saturday July 19 to a panel of three outside judges. Judges will provide feedback and pick a winner. Judging criteria will be specified at the beginning of the event. Prizes will be awarded to the top presenting teams.

Base on the scores given by each judge, the following prizes will be awarded:

  1. First Place Team: $500 in cash and up to 5 Kinect v2 sensors (one per team member, a $200 value each).
  2. Second Place Team: $250 in cash
  3. Third Place Team: $100 in cash
  4. All Presenting teams: A Special Kinect v2 carry tote.




The Agenda


  • 5pm-6pm - Registration, networking, and dinner
  • 6pm-7:30pm - Introductions, setting expectations, brief Presentations including explanation of criteria, logistics, agenda etc.
  • 7:30pm-11pm - Work time
  • 11pm - Day one ends


  • 9am - Breakfast (attendees have the possibility to show up earlier)
  • 9am-12pm - Work time
  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 12pm-7pm - Work time
  • 7pm -11pm - Project presentations, judging, awards and networking


Computer Visionaries 2014 will be held at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (the DEC) in the historic west end district in downtown Dallas. The DEC is right above Hoffbrau Steaks. Parking is around $3-$5 each day. Attendees are responsible for their own parking fees. Click here for the best parking options:

Full address:
311 North Market St.,
Floor 2
Dallas, TX 75202

Read more about the DEC here.

Frequently Asked Questions.

No preparation needed. If you are a die hard though, you can attend July 7th Computer Vision - Dallas Meetup or Microsoft Virtual Academy on July 15th:
Not to worry, we will have a few spare computer for you to use. However, if you are serious about developing with these cutting edge technologies, Computer Visionaries 2014 might be a good excuse to upgrade.
Owning a sensor is not required, but perferred. If you are not part of the developer preview program, you can preorder a K4W sensor here. They ship in July.
Windows 8 or 8.1 is only required for those coding against the Kienct v2 sensor. You can download a 90 day trial of Windows 8.1 at
Here are your options:
  1. If you are part of the developer preview program, the latest SDK is available through that website.
  2. You will have an opportunity to prepare for the conference on July 7th at the next Computer Vision – Dallas Meeting. We will cover the Kinect v2 sensor and SDK. RSVP here.
  3. The Kinect v2 SDK and code samples will be provided onsite at Computer Visionaries 2014 in case you need a copy.
The judgment criteria will be announced Friday, July 18th at 6:00pm.
No. The DEC will be closed at 11:00PM on Friday. Please try to return around 9:00 AM for breakfast.
Please visit the location/parking section of this page.

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The coming tsunami of technology driven change...

There is a tsunami of technology driven change on the horizon. Futuristic movies like Minority Report, Star Trek, Her, and others have inspired use to imagine how the digital world will blend with the physical world in a truly seamless way. We don't have to imagine it anymore. The ingredients of our future exist today through the use of computer vision. We can try on virtual clothes in our living room, move virtual objects in 3d space with a swipe of our hand, instantly adjust our television settings with our face, or speak and our computers understand us. The exciting part is that this wave of technology is in its infancy. - every day these two worlds get closer and closer, experiences become more seamless and we are able to do exponentially more than ever before. Imagine how the world will look in 5 years. Tomorrow starts in Dallas. That change starts now.

Computer Visionaries, a hack-a-thon, is centered around solving problems with the Microsoft Kinect v2 Sensor. The Kinect sensor is most known for its use on the XBOX One. By using the Kinect's high-definition 3D camera with depth sensing, object recognition, facial detection, human skeletal based gestures, and voice recognition technologies, attendees of Computer Visionaries will be able to shape the future of computing. Through the Kinect, a computer is able to use a person as an input device. Never before has the blending of the digital world and the physical world have been so accessible by the Dallas developer community thanks to Microsoft's Kinect technology.

Join elite Dallas developers, hackers, designers, entrepreneurs, roboticists, and engineers for an exciting competition at Computer Visionaries 2014 and watch what is produced in just over 24 hours. Attendees will participate in identifying and solving a problem through the use of Kinect technology. Participants will have a little over 24 hours to build a solution and present it to a panel of judges. The winning team will receive up to a $1,500 in cash and prizes. There is a $250 second place award and a $100 third place award. Every team that presents will receive an award and every attendee will walk away with a small gift provided by Microsoft. Tickets are limited.

On July 18th, you have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the future.

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